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Raysun Plasma Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. is an investment and holding enterprise of China Raysun Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Macau). It was initiated and established since 2007, by more than 10 overseas returnee experts including Prof. Anxiang Kuang from Hubei University, Dr. Haiqiang Wang, Dr. Zhen Liu, Dr. Liang Huang from Zhejiang University, Dr. Baojia Huang from University of California, Berkeley.

The world’s first atmospheric low temperature plasma generator APJD, consists of physical electronics, biomedicine, new material engineering and other multidisciplinary subjects to research and develop. The generator uses the integrated design of pulse power supply and discharge field. The discharge field uses a matrix structure to generate an even and stable electric field, directly ionizes the oxygen molecules and water molecules in the air in the matrix electric field, and produces a large number of excited particle groups (positive ion group/negative ion group, electron group). Through Ion drift and Ion diffusion mechanism, plus wind drive, the excited particle swarm is jetted and diffuses into the space (Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution law), up to a range of 15 meters. This technology has achieved man-machine coexistence, real-time disinfection, blocks the transmission of viruses in the air, reduces the risk of cross infection between people.

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Raysun Plasma Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

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