Hospital Disinfect


Medical grade, 15-second disinfection

Air/Surface, double disinfection of viruses and bacteria

Man-machine coexistence, real-time disinfection, directly and quickly disinfects the viruses and bacteria in the medical scenarios like operating room/emergency room, ward, ICU, protects the health of medical workers and patients, also effective for the viruses on the surface of the fabrics.

Mobile disinfection,Suitable for various occasions

YDG1000 has onmi wheels and pull rod, can be used according to personal needs. It can be flexibly configurated in each department and ward to efficiently complete the prevention and control of hospital infection.


Business space disinfection


The world’s super large G4000 plasma air sterilizer

It can be used in large-scale events, international exhibitions, terminals, passenger transportation centers, subway stations, waiting halls and other places with dense passenger flow and large space.

Actively kills the corona virus in the air. Has achieved from "Anti-virus" to "kill virus". After the particle swarm is jetted into the space, it directly and quickly kills the viruses in the air, blocks aerosols from transmitting.


Household indoor disinfection


Protect your free and healthy breathing

Improve the indoor environment, remove the stubborn bacteria on the surface of toys and furniture, carry out sterilization and disinfection, and remove formaldehyde, so that every breath of the family is clean and safe.

Renovated for 3 days, but the air is like in the forest

Air disinfection + air purification together to create a healthy and clean breathing environment

Fast decomposition of indoor odor, elderly people’s room, pet smell, lampblack smell

Raysun plasma sterilizer can effectively remove the odor of the elderly people’s room and greatly improve the quality of middle-aged and elderly people’s life. At the same time, it actively kills harmful viruses in the air to protect the healthy and safe breathing of the elderly.


Intelligent disinfection system


Intelligent air disinfection system is a system that uses advanced technology and equipment to effectively disinfect pathogens, viruses and harmful substances in the air. It can automatically turn on the disinfection function by sensing the pollutants in the air, and kill or remove the pollutants in the air within a certain period of time.

The air disinfection system is an advanced technology and equipment that can effectively purify the air and ensure people's health and comfort.