Theory of Disinfection

APJD technology can ionize oxygen atoms and water molecules in the air in the plasma generator, forming a large number of high-energy electrons and excited particles. The electron energy in the core region is 0.31eV. The plasma density can reach 3.25x10per cubic meter. It hits the virus fast and hard, destroys the structure of the virus S protein, creates electrostatic tension on the viral envelope, makes the virus crumble and die after the envelope is ruptured.

  • COVID-19 Test
  • Coronavirus Test
  • Surface Disinfection Test
  • H1N1 Test
  • Phage Test
  • Formaldehyde Purification Test
  • Ozone leakage detection

1.Man-Machine Coexistence

Achieved human-machine coexistence, real-time dynamic disinfection, effectively prevents the infection in the crowd

2.Fast Disinfection Speed

After the particle swarm is jetted into the space, it directly and quickly kills the viruses in the air and blocks the aerosols from transmitting.

3.Wide Disinfection Range

Large plasma jetting range (1500)

 4.Removal of Formaldehyde, TVOC

It can remove volatile gas molecules, formaldehyde, TVOC and other harmful gases in the air and protect the upper respiratory tract.

5.Removal of Harmful Odors

It can effectively remove the odor of smoke, lampblack, pet and other odors in the air, greatly improving the quality of life.

6.Air and Surface Disinfection

Air and surface disinfection at the same time