Sterilization Theory
Plasma is composed of a large number of high-density particle groups (charged particles, metastable particles, etc.) and electrons. Its main function is long-range collective Coulomb interaction. Its dynamic process is very complex. The high-density particle groups hit the virus quickly and intensively, destroy the structure of S protein, form electrostatic tension on the virus envelope, promote the rupture of the envelope and destroy RNA at the same time, Crush the virus to death.

  • Electric Shock Virus
  • Strike Virus
  • Oxidizing Virus

The Function Of Excited Plasma Groups

Electrically Shocking The Viruses In Serial

More than 20 patented technologies APJD nonequilibrium plasmas excite high-density particles, which contain eV energies, are jetted into the air within 10-meter distance, electrically shock the viruses and break the envelopes, to kill the viruses.

The Function Of Excited Plasma Groups

Breaking And Killing The Viruses At High Speed

Electrically charged particles hit the viruses with a speed of 2000 meters per second. The images of virus particles, which have been hit by the plasmas, all present a state of heavy damage. This is caused by the effects of etching and breaking of electrons and particles with high kinetic energies.

The Function Of Various Highly

Active Free Radicals Killing The Viruses

The plasmas excite large quantities of elements like active oxygen ions and high-energy free radicals, which break the envelopes of the viruses, and easily cause oxidation reactions with proteins and nucleic acid substances in the bacteria, molds and spore viruses, thus to kill different kinds of viruses.